Thirty Years Ago

Today is a momentous day for me; on June 13, 1980, I was baptized. I had accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior at some point earlier that spring, but, since I was only seven, I don’t recall the exact date or time. So June 13 is the first quantifiable date I have to mark my relationship with Jesus.

I have some pretty vivid imagery of that day…the blue T-shirt and shorts I had on, how cold the water was in the baptistery at Covington Christian, the pastor holding me up after bringing me out of the water so everyone could see me. I remember being given a certificate that I kept for years (that’s really the way I can remember the date).

Man, what a journey it has been in the last three decades. I could write on and on about it, but I would deny myself the material for more posts. Here’s to the last thirty years…and to the next thirty, or sixty, or however many years He allows me to serve Him here on earth…as well as to the eternity I’ll share with him!


2 thoughts on “Thirty Years Ago

  1. I remember the event, just don’t remember any dates. I am proud of the man that you have become. Love you.

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You played a key role in making me who i am today, and i appreciate it.

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