Going Dim

I’ve often heard about people “going dark” when they go on vacation: no email, no Facebook, no Twitter, no contact with the world outside of their vacation destination. I considered trying that, and I decided to “go dim” instead; I disabled email, while maintaing Twitter during my week off.

I called Verizon the Thursday before we went to Disney World to see how to temporarily disable the email on my Blackberry. I couldn’t get anyone on the phone who could help me, and while they had me on hold, I figured out how to do it through the BB website. I turned my email off from Easter weekend through the end of our Disney World trip, and the minute I did it, I was glad I did.

The red light on my Blackberry, which always creates a sense of urgency, only went off when I had a text. I was pleasantly ignorant to the emails I got on my home email and at work…unless I took the initiative to check them myself. The nicest thing was not feeling like I was tethered to the office and not having to wade through the near constant stream of emails on my home email account as well. (A big plus was that I was able to send emails, even though I was unable to receive replies.)

I did still find myself prone to checking Twitter, especially when I received text updates; however, having Twitter up allowed me to avert a potential crisis in the office… Of course I enjoyed being able to update everyone on Twitter (and Facebook) on where we were and what we were up to.

It was helpful to have the control over what information I took in and responded to over Easter weekend and vacation; it was equally nice not to feel like I was cut off completely from the outside world. I’d go dim again in a heartbeat for vacation…or maybe even for the occasional weekend.