WDW Trip Report: Day 2

Day 2 was an epic day; the intent was to hit three parks in one day. We started out at Animal Kingdom, planning to be there as soon as Extra Magic Hours began at 7:00. We were a little bit late. We rushed over to Kilimanjaro Safaris, only to discover that they don’t open until the sun reaches a certain point in the sky. Once the Safaris opened, we didn’t have to wait in line too long.

I love Kilimanjaro Safaris. We had an unusual experience; there was a delay due to animals in the road, so we were stopped long enough to get a view of the giraffes, one of which walked up to within 20 feet of the vehicle, and the watusi cattle.

After we were finished on the Safari, Michael, Ashley, and I high tailed it over to Expedition Everest, my favorite attraction at Disney World. The wait time was a bit long, but it was well worth it.

Our plan was to be at Epcot in time for it to open at 9:00; we were way off the mark there. We  booked it over to Soarin’ to get FastPasses; Kenzie has been talking about riding it for months and was barely tall enough to ride it by the time we left. When we picked up the FastPasses at 11:30, they were for 6:33 that evening!

We did a few things around the east side of Future World; then we let the girls play in some of the gardens at the Flower & Garden Festival. After that, we hit the highlights of World Showcase and had a late lunch at the American Adventure pavilion; believe it or not, it was actually the first time I had been to that pavilion.

After hitting a couple more attractions, it was time for Soarin’. To be honest, the focus was solely on Kenzie this time, since she was riding for the first time. Half of us adults stayed behind with Kayla and Hadley, who were too small to ride while the other half went with her. To see her joy made the wait to ride it all worthwhile.

After we got back to the campsite and got the girls to bed, Michael and I headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios late that night (after 11:00) to ride Rock & Roller Coaster. We hadn’t gotten to ride it since 2005; in ’07 it was under refurbishment, and in ’08 the line was just too long. The sign said that there was a wait time of 70 minutes for the ride, but we only waited about 35 minutes, and it was worth it. After that, we were too tired to consider riding anything else there; three parks in one day is exhausting…