Spring Fever

I’ve got a fever, and unfortunately it can’t be cured by more cowbell. This beautiful weather we’ve had these last few days has made me long for springtime.

I’m a big fan of the change in seasons. One of the most clever things God did was allow us to experience a new season just at the time we get tired of the old one. And this has been a particularly cold, damp, tough winter (don’t get me started on global warming), so a change is most definitely welcome.

There’s so much to love about spring… I love the warmer weather, the clear blue skies, the birds and their songs, the green trees and grass alongside multi-colored flowers. I love how the world seems to emerge from the sleepiness of winter into the energy and warmth of spring. What I love most is the fact that springtime is a perfect metaphor for God’s promise of renewal.

After the cold starkness of winter, the beauty of springtime reminds us that God is creative and transformational. The new life that blooms from the ground and the life that emerges from hibernation and returns from southern travels are all reminders that God brings new life from old. The changes in the environment are representative of how God renews our lives…often on a daily basis. Spring is all about renewal, and that’s a really good thing.

So bring on spring…I’ve got the fever.