The Tyranny Of The Urgent

I’m one of those people. I’m driven heavily by the task(s) at hand. I dream up these ideas and projects that I want to do and have the best intentions of accomplishing, but they keep getting pushed down the to-do list in favor of the things that have to be done each day and each week. The cliché I hear is “the tyranny of the urgent”; the idea is that we’re slaves to the things that have to be done in the moment.

This idea is one that I’ve had in my head for a while now, but our discussions in this morning’s staff meeting brought a new resonance to the concept. We talked about our devotion to God and how our relationship with Him should be integrated into every area of our lives. Linda Miller said, “How can we do all our work and not think about God?”

That question hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s so easy to go through my days and be so nose-to-the-grindstone, focused on my to-do list, and driven by what I have to accomplish that I forget why I do what I do and Who I’m doing it for. I’m surrounded by an amazing, hard-working staff who probably feel the same way I do, in spite of our love for and devotion to the Lord.

In our frail human nature, we often get stuck in the tyranny of the urgent. The funny thing is, I don’t know the remedy. All I can do is cling to God and pray that the Holy Spirit will help me not to fall into that trap.

Can anybody else here identify with me?


2 thoughts on “The Tyranny Of The Urgent

  1. Here here..I think I’m nearing double digits since my last blog post. My head will explode soon if I don’t get some if these thoughts out.

    So..poop on you, to-do list. I’ll get to you later.

    1. I feel you, man. I’m feeling pretty bad that I’ve gone six days, especially with all the ideas I have. Sigh.

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