The Credits

I’m a voracious reader of credits. One of the first things I used to do when I bought a CD (remember them?) was read the credits, and when iTunes has the virtual booklet, I generally look at it before I listen to the first song. I like reading about and knowing who plays and works on the album. I do the same with movies on DVD and TV shows, not so much in the theater, because nobody likes the guy who sits down to watch every name that runs up the screen.

I used to wonder why there were so many names listed. As I’ve grown older and learned about what it takes to put on a production of any kind, I realize how many people are involved in an album, a movie or TV show, or a production of any kind. Behind the band, the actors, and the stars are a crew of unsung heroes who make the whole thing possible.

It’s the same way on Sunday mornings. Most often, someone sitting in the congregation at Eastridge sees the speaking pastor, the band, and someone who makes announcements. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that there’s a cast and crew of hard-working people who make things happen.

In the auditorium, we have a devoted tech team who helps make sure each word on the screen is up at the proper time and each note is heard. Each cue is meant to create a seamless service. We have ushers who serve Communion and take up offering; greeters, parking lot attendants, and Information Center volunteers help people find their way and get the information they need.

In our Children’s Ministry, Adventureland volunteers take care of babies and younger children, while the E-town team produces a high-energy service that engages school age kids. Our Student Ministry puts on an engaging and relevant service for teens. The Cafe volunteers serve up treats, canned drinks, coffee specialties, and even breakfast for hundreds of patrons every week. And there’s so much more…and that’s just on Sundays.

During the week, even more volunteers work hard, from midweek services, to Celebrate Recovery, to the team of ladies who put the bulletins together every week…and so much more. We have the most dedicated group of volunteers that any church could ask for.

The coolest thing about our volunteers (and staff) is that, for them, the only credit that matters at the end is the one for the Almighty, the Perfect Father, the Great I AM…God. I couldn’t be more thankful for or proud of a group of people who serve and toil solely for the glory and exaltation of God. That’s the only credit that matters.


5 thoughts on “The Credits

  1. Well said. And the fact that He is the focus is very evident all over that place. Undeniable even.

    (Btw… so, I’m not the only who gets really irritated when these channels cut in at the end of a movie or show and just go straight to what’s coming up next and scroll the credits (why bother at this point, really?) really tiny and really fast, if at all??)

  2. I couldn’t agree more! The volunteer-power that it takes to “make Sundays happen” Eastridge-style is amazing (quotes for emphasis, mine). I am humbled by the amount of time, energy, and personal resources given weekly..all for the greater purpose of someone elses’s comfort and enjoyment. These people give so that others may receive. What a wonderful sacrifice.
    And with hearts glad and full of joy, each good deed done as an offering to the Lord.
    I echo Chris’s ‘thankful and proud’ sentiment.
    Eastridge volunteers, you RAWK!!

  3. My day is now complete that I have gotten my daily dose of thoughts of Chris!! another good one buddy.. This is something I had to learn myself, I used to (when I was younger) think I want tobe the pastor but as I thought about it I must admit it was because people would see me and notice me. Now I just want to serve in any copacity I can to give GOD the glory I dont want anyone to notice or give me the credit at all. It was a very hard lesson to learn cause I didnt want to admit I was wrong, However I am very thankful for the lesson.

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