To be perfectly honest, I don’t really like much of what’s popular in music today. Modern pop (and, to an extent, some country) music seems to be dominated by artists who don’t write their own songs. These singers and bands rely on outside songwriters to tell the stories they sing. There’s very little that’s authentic about singing someone else’s songs.

I am (and, as long as I’ve been aware of songwriting credits, have been) drawn to singer-songwriters…artists and bands who tell their own stories and write the songs they sing. Singer-songwriters have to be concerned with their authenticity, because no one who sings their own songs wants to appear fake.

We who are believers in Jesus Christ have to be authentic as well. We’re writing our verses and lines in the Eternal Story, and we don’t want to sing someone else’s lines. I can’t help but believe that if we are true to who and what God is calling us to be, we’re going to be more effective witnesses, and our lives will never be boring.

Are you going to be a vapid pop star trying to interpret someone else’s songs, or are you going to be a singer-songwriter, making the most of your own story?


3 thoughts on “Authenticity

  1. I LOVE this thought. I too am drawn to the singer-songwriter for the ultimate in authenticity. Only the one who wrote the line from his heart can truly express it to the full. And i am challenged by your question, ‘am I going to make the most of my story.’ Heck yeah! Starting right now. No more lip syncing for me!

  2. I tend to get long winded but for once I am almost tounge tied. Outstanding Chris very well said and to the point you hit it out of the park in the bottom of the ninth..

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