Ready For Spring

I have a confession to make: I’m over this cold weather.

Winter is most definitely my least favorite season. (I know I wrote yesterday about the beauty of snow, but that doesn’t mean I’d choose it over another time of year.) I don’t like the dreary landscapes, the cold weather…especially at night, and the short days. There’s something about winter that is difficult; add to it the fact that this winter has been the coldest in 20 years and an unusually wet season. I’m ready for spring.

Remember Out Of The Grey? They were a husband-and-wife duo who made sophisticated, adult-alternative pop back in the 90s. They had a song about 15 years ago called “Dreaming Of April.” It talks about exactly what I feel right now. I’m ready for warmer weather, green leaves and grass, flowers, and the promise of new life that comes with spring.

Are you ready?


One thought on “Ready For Spring

  1. I could be more ready for spring if I knew that summer didn’t come hot on its heels. I’d take cold over hot A N Y day of the week.

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