The Peacefulness Of Snow

As a born, bred, and dyed-in-the-wool Georgia boy, snow is kind of foreign to me. Unlike in other parts of the country, if we get snow once a year, it’s a big deal. For me, a day of snow is generally enough. (Of course it was different when I was a kid and snow meant I’d miss school…)

One of my favorite things to do when it snows is to stand at the window, or even outside, and just watch it fall. After the snow is on the ground, I love to walk outside and take in the quiet landscape: no cars (or few cars), the slight crunch of my footsteps, the clean, cold air. The peacefulness of a snowy day intrigues me; it’s like the atmosphere takes on a completely different feel. It’s fascinating to get a new perspective on the scenery I’m used to, and it’s a refreshing change to the bland winter landscape.

But I’m still glad it usually only lasts for a day…


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