Why Taylor Swift Will Rule The World One Day

On the eve of the Grammy Awards, I was thinking about the one artist I imagine will win big Sunday night…Taylor Swift. I have a feeling that Taylor Swift will rule the world in the near future, and here’s why:

  • She’s all things to all people. Her music is equal parts pop and country, without really watering down either influence. She even made a hilarious rap video with T-Pain.
  • She can act. Witness her videos and her appearance on Saturday Night Live.
  • She’s clean without looking out of touch or like a prude. She rarely, if ever, crosses the line of decency that so many young stars do these days.
  • She actually writes or co-writes her songs, a glaring rarity in both pop and country music these days.
  • She has a hand in every detail of her shows, from the set list to the wardrobe to the choreography. She strives for excellence and consistency when she’s onstage.
  • She includes empowering and encouraging messages to her fans throughout her shows. It appears that she cares about her fans not for the sake of public relations but out of genuine concern.

Taylor Swift is a total package artist and a class act. As long as she keeps her head on her shoulders, she’ll probably be in charge of all of us one day. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


One thought on “Why Taylor Swift Will Rule The World One Day

  1. Well, good. I hope that cute little blonde knows how to re-reform health care reform and dig us out of financial collapse.
    Or maybe she could just write a song about it. 🙂

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