Ms. Cecilia

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who is as full of life as Cecilia Eddy. I first met Ms. Cecilia when she came to volunteer in the office at Eastridge. As I got to know her better, I heard the story of her life unfold.

Here is a woman who, born in Britain, saw WWII Europe first hand. Her father worked for Winston Churchill; she knew him personally and to this day refers to him as “Winnie.” She had the privilege of living in several places in Europe as well as in Jamaica in her younger days. In her 80-plus years, she’s seen countless technological changes, weathered and survived an abusive marriage, miscarried a child, and is watching another one deal with Alzheimer’s.

Through all the trials, the ups and downs of her life, Ms. Cecilia has held on to her faith. She wholeheartedly loves God, she truly loves people, and before she moved from Covington to Florida, she served others faithfully as a volunteer at Eastridge. Emotional pain made her stronger, and though physical pain has slowed her down, it hasn’t shaken her faith.

I deeply miss seeing Ms. Cecilia; she’s an inspiration to me, and I hope that, like her, I can pack even more life into my years than years into my life.


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