I Love My Ministry Team…

I wasn’t planning on writing tonight, but after tonight’s Christmas Eve services at Eastridge, I couldn’t help but do so. I’m constantly mindful of our incredible Worship Arts volunteers at ECC, and I’m always impressed at how our volunteers work hard and have fun at the same time. Tonight was no exception; in fact, I had as much fun tonight preparing for and putting on two services as I’ve ever had, if not more.

Between pizza…toffee…white chocolate dipped pretzels…discussions about 8-tracks and video discs…”she’s not on Twitter”…”two half pizzas”…races to post on Twitter and Facebook…and everything else in between, I had a blast. So to tonight’s team(Trey Bailey, Scott Martin, Nikki Adams, Tiffani Hodges, Jeremy Blackmon, Brian Jones, Jay Smith, Cheryl Turner, Paul Turner, Kris Hodges, Julia DeFoor, Jennifer Hilland, and Scott Moore), thanks.

To all our Eastridge Community Church Worship Arts volunteers, thanks for serving, using your talents, and for all the joy that we bring to each other. I love working with such a hard-working and FUN bunch of folks.

Merry Christmas!