Faith In Action

So many people talk about their faith. Many of us have acted out upon our faith in different ways at various times in our lives. Few people take bold, radical steps to put their faith in action. 15-year-old Anna Lee Lunsford is one of them.

I’m not sure how long I’ve known Anna Lee and her family (I guess as long as they’ve been at Eastridge); I’ve known her since she was pretty young. Her dad is Santa Claus; really, he is, and I guess some of his generous spirit rubs off on Anna Lee, plus an amazing faith in the God who loves her and challenges her to serve.

At a Christ In Youth summer conference this year, students were given specific challenges of ways to act out their faith. Other students from Eastridge have taken their challenges, including Anna Lee. Hers was to feed 500 people this Thanksgiving. And she’s doing it.

Countless teens all over America are working, traveling, going to sports practice, or just being lazy this Thanksgiving break, but Anna Lee…along with a handful of friends who are helping out…will feed fifty-plus deserving families this Thanksgiving day. Anna Lee is a true example of James 2:18b: “I will show you my faith by what I do.”

Please check out the news story here. I’m proud of Anna Lee, of the people in our church and community who gave to help her, of the friends who rallied around her so she wouldn’t have to do the work alone, of the Georgia FFA-FCCLA Camp here in Covington for handling the cooking and prep duties with Anna Lee, and of local TV station WXIA (11 Alive) for sharing some good news this Thanksgiving. May Anna Lee and all who helped her inspire us all to put our faith into action.

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