Letting God Move

2009 has been a fascinating year at Eastridge Community Church. I’ve seen God do so much (for a bit of information about what He’s done, see this earlier post of mine). In the midst of what is certainly the worst economy of my lifetime, He has taken care of us. For the first time, we’re able to track and keep up with guests and those who make decisions. We’ve seen our people reach out to the community in unprecedented ways. And I believe it’s just the beginning.

Last week, we launched a campaign called Life’s Healing Choices. We’ve done quite a bit to promote the campaign: signs all over Newton County, thousands of invitation cards; Colleen Jackson even wrote a terrific article in today’s local paper. But even our best efforts were hampered by the budget.

What happened as a result? On Sunday, 22 first-time guests came to Eastridge. Nine people accepted Christ. Nearly 200 people who were willing to admit that they have a need that only God can fill. Seventy small groups full of people sharing with each other about the hope that only comes from Jesus Christ. (My group met tonight for the first time; it was cool to spend time and share with old friends, new friends, and family.)

God deserves all the credit for what is taking place at Eastridge. None of this is about us; it’s all for His glory. And He’s doing such great things because our people…not just the pastors, staff, and elders, but the bulk of our people…are surrendered to him. God is going to move when His people stay in His Word and in prayer and live lives of surrender to Him, because only in surrender can we step out of our way and allow Him to do His work unhindered.

I’m grateful to the people of Eastridge Community Church for being willing to live in surrender to the One who gets things done.


4 thoughts on “Letting God Move

  1. Chris,
    I’m so glad you wrote this post. I have been trying to figure out how to say it just right, and sometimes my over-thinking and my need to perfect the thought paralyzes me from actually ever getting the thought out to paper or screen. I think you encapsulated my thoughts exactly and I commend you on your succinct yet poignant thoughts and the humility in which you deliver them. Thanks man for the part you are playing in this Revolution..it wouldn’t be the same without you.

  2. Chris,
    Awesome – the nine, the 200 and the newcomers. As I interview churches each week and see how God is working – in spite of this being the worst economy of our lifetime – God is showing us that he is “Recession Proof.”

    God is teaching me to look at ECC’s two-year olds as little Champions. As they walk in the door each week, I wonder which will be the next Dr. Billy Graham, the next Pastor Scott Moore, the next Stephanie Ryan, the next Chris Queen.

    Every campaign we do, every prayer we pray, every dollar we give will help pave a surrendered pathway for those little ones to walk in.

    God bless you, and all the ECC staff for preparing the way for them and their families to live a Holy life.

  3. @Trey: Thanks man! I appreciate you and your hard work in the Revolution as well. I think I was just taken aback by the stories I’ve heard all week of how people have benefitted from their groups, from the message Sunday, from the reading plan, and just from the general encouragement we’ve all given each other. I can’t help but be humbled by what God is doing…

    @Colleen: Thank you for serving and for sharing the good news of what God is doing not just at ECC but throughout our community!

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