So…Here’s What’s Going On…

Yesterday I had the pleasure and privilege of sharing with Mark Waltz from Granger Community Church about what God is doing at Eastridge. Here’s how it went down: after posting something on Twitter about the positive changes at ECC, Mark responded saying he wanted to talk about it in detail with me. It took us weeks to coordinate our schedules, but it was worth it.

I started out sharing a bit of our history and recounting some of the struggles of the last couple of years. Then, as I started sharing what God is doing, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy at what is taking place at ECC. By the end of the conversation, I couldn’t contain my gratefulness to God for using Eastridge as He has. We’re coming up on 20 years of Eastridge, and I recently celebrated five years on staff. I’ve never been as excited as I have been lately at what He’s doing…not even in the early days when everything was an adventure.

In the midst of the joy and excitement, I’m truly humbled by what God is doing.