Blueberries & Worship

100_2521I’m going to admit something about myself that’s going to sound quite strange: I’m a blueberry snob. See, for a little over 20 years now, my parents have had blueberry bushes in their yard, and they yield the best berries.

My grandfather (my dad’s dad) gave my parents a half dozen blueberry plants, and they’ve grown to a height of about ten feet tall. My family has done literally nothing other than plant them and enjoy the results, so these berries are as organic as they come. Just about every year (2008 was a rare exception) these bushes yield a bumper crop of beautiful, juicy blueberries; most often they’re more than our entire family can handle.

Which leads to my snobbery. I will have nothing to do with store bought blueberries. People have offered me such berries before; I simply demur politely. What’s the use in eating berries that have come from who-knows-where, treated with pesticides and chemicals, and handled by strangers before arriving in my hand? After all, I’ve had genuine, home grown blueberries. They’re the best, and nothing else will do.

Now here’s where the cheesy metaphor ties in: I believe the same goes for our worship. God’s not a snob, but I’m sure He prefers the best we can offer.

I don’t want to offer Him worship that is tainted by the world; I never want my worship to be adulterated by opinions, peer pressure, or any other circumstances. My heart’s desire is to worship Him “in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24)–that is, to bring Him pure, true, dare I say organic, worship. Nothing but my best will do.