The Shoutout, Part 2: My Friends In The Blogosphere

OK, this isn’t a “traditional” post…it’s actually a list of my friends who blog. Some of these people I’ve literally known for 30 years; some of them I haven’t met face-to-face. But I consider all of them friends and enjoy reading their blogs. I hope you’ll enjoy them too.


Scott’s Weekly Blog — Our Lead Pastor, Scott Moore, shares his wisdom, insight, and encouragement with the Eastridge congregation. He’s recently included a feature spotlighting a spiritual discipline every week. Coming soon…a new and improved look to his blog…did I say too much? I’m excited.

The New Normal — Trey Bailey is our Executive Pastor, one of my longest-time, most cherished friends, and one of the most intelligent, creative, ambidextrously-brained (give it a second…you’ll get it) people I know. Trey shares amazing insights in his inimitable style; he’s my iron sharpening iron in terms of creativity and ministry.

ECC FRIENDS (and I hope to add even more to this list soon):

Bittersweet — Jessica Simons writes with a transparency that I can only dream of achieving. Jess is raw, honest, and sometimes unfiltered, and that makes her blog a must read. Good, good stuff.

No Matter What Happens — Kelli Hopkins is one of the most amazing people I could ever dream of meeting. She’s a devoted wife and mom of four…three of whom have different special needs. Her heart is so full, and her life is even more full. Kelli shares with a tenderness and vulnerability that will warm and rend your heart, sometimes at the same time.

Covington Outdoors — Amanda Lindsay is both a librarian and a local adventurer, and she shares what’s going on in both of those very different worlds. There seem to be lots of deer pics on her blog, too…

Jennifer Hilland — Jennifer is the newest member of the blogosphere from ECC, and she’s kind of like the budding new talent on the scene. She blows me away with everything she writes.


Kem Meyer on Less Clutter, Less Noise — Kem Meyer, from Granger Community Church in Indiana, is my church communications guru. I want to be her (except…y’know…to still be a guy). To rephrase: I want to put her ideas into practice at Eastridge. I love her insights.

MaxiMeyer — Mark Meyer is Kem’s husband, and he writes incredible stuff on leadership and personal maximization for people who work in the church and in the world. Mark’s a great guy, and I’d like to know him personally, not just through Twitter & blogs.

Leading Smart — Tim Stevens is the Executive Pastor at Granger, and I love how he holds up the value of technology for the church. I also appreciate his transparency about his own leadership struggles and successes.

Because People Matter — Mark Waltz is Pastor of Connections at Granger, and he wrote the book…well, a couple of books, on how to treat guests to your church. I’d love to have his heart and head for guest services/first impressions. (And Mark, if you’re reading this, I’m still waiting to have the phone convo with you…)

Ragamuffin Soul — Carlos Whitaker is cool. And creative. Enough said.


The Broke Socialite — My friend Shameeka Ayers (whom I’ve knows forever) writes an amazing blog for all you ladies looking for ways to live a high-class lifestyle on a budget. It’s not for guys by any stretch of the imagination, but I like to read it for her fun writing style.

Now, you tell me: what blogs do you like?

6 thoughts on “The Shoutout, Part 2: My Friends In The Blogosphere

  1. Unfiltered.
    I guess that can be good. (Though sometimes, I could certainly use that filter!)
    Thanks though. Maybe I’ll be back to my ‘Divinely inspired’ self again soon… I’m trying…

    I, naturally am enjoying all the new ECC blogs.
    But, aside from those, my faves are: Arms Wide Open*, Highway 41, Less of Me, Thursday’s Child* and Unveiling Hope (for inspiration) and of course, Pioneer Woman ROCKS for entertainment value! Hilarious, sometimes sentimental and always extremely talented (with cooking, photography and writing) ‘misplaced’ city girl raising her 4 kids with her cowboy hubby on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, OK and loving every minute of it. She’s great.

    (Too lazy to do the whole linkage thing, but they’re all found on my blog.) 🙂

    1. Maybe I should’ve said “unafraid.” You bare your soul wayyyyyy more than I would want to. Of course, I’m a guy, so that may partially be why.

  2. Well, wow! I just started blogging, thanks Chris for the little nudge. I’ve only been reading one blog, aside from ECC staff blogs, and that’s from a friend of mine that I used to hang out with when I lived out in Acworth. We’ve both changed our ways of living and are beginning to share our insights through blogging. Read what she has to say:

  3. I’ve got nothing to lose. Pride went flying out the window a long time ago. Ha. That, and I’m pretty good at staying low-profile, too.
    You know, I think if more people would just share how messed up they are, we’d all feel better about ourselves… true? : )

    1. In a way I think that’s why Celebrate Recovery works so well. I know it’s a whole lot more than that, but to know you’re not the only messed up person helps a person to better accept the issues they have. At least I know it helps me in a way. Because there are times when I feel like I’m the only person that’s dealing with the stuff I struggle with, and I feel completely alone. It’s a comfortable reminder that we’re all human fighting the same flesh desires, and that we can turn to one another for support and insight. Thanks for letting me share. LOL

  4. Chris – Let’s talk. Really. DM me on twitter with your open dates/times this week and next. We’ll make it happen. You’re callin’ me out! 🙂 I look forward to the conversation!

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