When Key Lime Pie Made Me Sad

Remember Edwards Pie? The box says they won the National Pie Competition last year. That's only because I didn't enter!

This evening, as the thunder rumbled all around the house, I sat down to enjoy a piece of Edwards Key Lime Pie. Those of you who know me well are probably appalled that I would descend to eat a store bought key lime pie; once you’ve picked yourself up off the floor, read on. When I don’t have time to make a key lime pie, I’ll eat an Edwards pie. There’s no better key lime pie out there, unless I’ve made it; besides, Aldi had them on sale for $4.99 this weekend. And the pie was good!

I’ve always been a fan of Edwards Pies. They used to be an Atlanta-based company, and they had a factory store in Smyrna. You could buy all the “scratch-and-dent” and surplus pies there for dirt cheap; even as a kid, I knew their pies were the best. The Edwards brand had one fascinating feature: they imprinted Bible verses onto the pan. The factory store had verses all over the walls, and they handed out “fish cards” which explained the signifcance of the fish symbol. Even as a kid, I was impressed by their expressions of faith.

Later on, the company was sold to Schwann’s. For a while, they took the verses off the pans and put them on the boxes, and as late as 2006, they were mailing out fish cards to those who inquired about them. However, the last two pies I’ve bought had no verses on them anywhere. Normally, my response would be to rant at yet another company kowtowing to political correctness, but, to be perfectly honest, all I am is sad.

I’m sad that another local company has been bought out by a faceless, homogenous corporation. I’m really sad that the outlet store hasn’t been around for years, even though I rarely make it up that way anymore. I’m sad that the parent company has abandoned what set the brand apart and made it unique…even from a crass marketing standpoint, you have to admit that Bible verse-imprinted pans is innovative.

Maybe I’m operating from a standpoint of complete nostalgia here and there’s no “deep lesson” to this post. It could be that I’m overanalyzing and overthinking the whole thing. You know what? It may not even really matter at all to anyone but me. But at least for me, it’s another change in this world that’s not for the better.


4 thoughts on “When Key Lime Pie Made Me Sad

  1. I enjoyed walking down memory lane with you….do you remember getting the little individual pieces of pie too? And the dutch apple?

    1. I remember those! You know what else? That was the first place I ever had cheesecake, right there in the store! I remember not liking it at first.

  2. My klp pan quote was Prov 3:5-6 and I really needed it at the time. I was all hysterical (post-partum with a 3 yr old and traveling husband around y2k time) when my friends and I had just finished a study on Revelation! Great comfort from Scripture, and such a pleasant surprise from my dessert! I kept that pan for a few years. I didn’t know of the company changes. I have since learned how to make klp.

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