Everyone Has A Story

I’m blessed to be part of a staff of people who know each other well. I’ve been friends with one person on staff since I was in 1st Grade, and there’s another on staff whom I’ve known his entire life. In between are people I’ve grown up with, people I’ve watched grow up, and people I’ve served with for a long time. We really do know each other.

Today, we had staff lunch at Michelle Mask’s house; she’s the consummate hostess, but I digress… In a more casual environment than the typical restaurant tables where we sit, the conversation got a little more personal, and I learned quite a bit about one of our newest staff members. He has a fascinating, multi-faceted story, and it was a treat to get to know him better and hear more about the journey his life has taken. And I was encouraged by his story probably more than he’ll ever know.

It seems elementary to say it, but we all have a story. Sometimes we don’t think we do (maybe we take our own lives for granted), but we all can share the experiences of our lives.  You never know whose life you’ll brighten with your story. I’m not necessarily talking about a testimony here, though that’s part of it; I’m talking about the opportunity to make a difference in the life of another believer. I can’t tell you how many times someone has made my day just hearing about how his or her life is unfolding.

Look for opportunities to share your story…a little bit here, a little bit there (but never enough to make you look like one of those people who only talks about himself!)… You never know the difference you’ll make in someone’s day.