What You Learn When You Google Your Own Name

Just for kicks this weekend, I googled “Chris Queen,” just to see what happened. I found out  a lot about myself…

I’m interested in “knitting, photography, gardening, cooking, and reading.”

I’m a lecturer on religion at Harvard.

I’m an “accomplished coder, versed in many different languages and platforms.”

I’m a 6’7″ forward for the Maryville College basketball team.

I’m also the Senior VP of Operations for Capital Assets at Key Equipment Finance.

I own my own trucking company, and apparently I “pay faster than most firms.”

I own the patent for a VERSATILE SPROCKET SHEAVE ASSEMBLY – elevator system…whatever that is.

I also have my own line of bicycle wheel hubs.

I’m friends with the 80’s new wave band Devo.

You can also download an mp3 sample of my work as a DJ. (It also appears that I’m in some kind of feud with Soulja Boy, but it’s all just a show to sell records.)

…and you thought you knew me.

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