The More Things Change…

I’m sitting here in Athens, killing time before the Vigilantes of Love concert. Actually, I’m on the University of Georgia campus, a place I know well, or so I thought. Where I’m sitting used to be a physical education building, but know I’m perched on a concrete bench looking on a verdant patch of lush grass with a parking deck and Lumpkin Street to my back.

I haven’t been inside the Tate Center at UGA since football season back in November, and clearly the building I’ve frequented often as a student, alumnus, and football fan has undergone a transformation and expansion. The first thing I noticed was the new facade on the Tate Theatre; then I realized that where the walls used to be, the building kept going and going. There are spacious walkways, new places to eat and sit while you’re eating, a cool mural of parts of campus, more restrooms (so nice for game day), and this courtyard where I sit right now. It’s a much different but far better place than the building I used to sit in and watch Sportscenter when I skipped classes.

Change is inevitable; sometimes even positive change can be jarring or difficult to get used to. Sure, I’d love for the campus to be exactly the same as it was when I was here, but for this space to improve, change was necessary.

The same goes with the way we “do church.” We may not always like new methods, new personalities, or new songs, but as our world changes, so must the way we tell our story. God’s truth does not and will not change, but the way we relate that timeless truth absolutely will (and should) change if we wish to share it effectively.


3 thoughts on “The More Things Change…

  1. I love the blog. I am especially enamored with the title. But your thoughts on change are dead on. Positive change often comes about in spite of negative opposition.
    Continue the revolution of the new normal.

  2. Yes, Jess. I skipped class…plenty of times. You could get away with it at UGA in the early-mid 90’s.

    Thanks for the kind words, Trey.

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