Dead Horse

My brother sent this to me. It’s funny and full of wisdom.
The Dakota Indians of North America passed on this piece of wisdomfrom generation by word of mouth –
“If you are riding a dead horse the best thing to do is dismount”.

However in the corporate world because of the heavy investment,some of the other things to be tried are the following:
* buy a stronger whip
* change riders
* threaten the horse with termination
* appoint a committee to study the horse
* arrange to visit other sites to see how they ride dead horses
* lower the standards so dead horses can be included
* appoint an intervention team to reanimate the horse
* create a training session to increase the riders’ load share
* reclassify the horse as ‘living impaired’
* change the form so it reads “This horse is not dead”
* hire outside contractors to ride the dead horse* harness several dead horses together for increased speed and efficiency
* donate the dead horse to a recognised charity therefore deducting its full original cost
* provide additional funding to increase horse’s performance
* do a time management study to see if lighter riders would improve productivity
* purchase an after market product that makes dead horses run faster
* declare the dead horse has lower overheads and is therefore more cost effective
* form a quality focus group to find profitable uses for dead horses* rewrite the performance requirements for horses
* and finally if all else fails…..promote the dead horse into a supervisory (management) position