For Those Who Are Fasting

I don’t particularly care for The Message paraphrase of the Bible. To me, it’s often a little “slangy” and sometimes uses awkwardly put-together phrases. That said, I decided to read today’s verses from Psalm 119 in The Message to get a different perspective. Here’s Psalm 119:20:

“My soul is starved and hungry, ravenous!—insatiable for your nourishing commands.”

At first I chuckled at the first half of that verse, thinking, “yeah, that’s where I am right now.” Then I read the whole verse again and realized that that’s how we should always feel about God’s Word. Regardless of whether we’re eating beans or a hamburger and French fries, whether we’re drinking a Coke or water, whether our stomachs are full or empty, we should always have that unquenchable thirst and ravenous hunger for His Word.

If you’re fasting with ECC, keep it up! Don’t give up, and fill your mind and heart with wisdom from God’s Word. I guarantee you’ll be refreshed and satisfied in a whole new way.