My Top Ten Songs Of 2008

It seems like everywhere I go, someone has written a year-end list of some sort. Well, now it’s my turn. Since anyone who knows me knows I love music, it stands to reason that I’d do some sort of music-related list. Here are my ten favorite songs that either came out in 2008 or that I discovered in 2008:

Honorable Mentions include “New Romantic” by Laura Marling and “Revelator” by Allison Moorer.

10. “God Of This City,” Chris Tomlin – This is my favorite new worship song this year, and, considering what we’ve been through at Eastridge in 2008, it’s both timely and accurate for us. It was the unofficial theme song for our Vision Sunday in August.

9. “Distant Dreamer,” Duffy – What a beautiful song! I don’t know if she’s a believer, but Duffy wrote an amazing lyric that Christians can surely identify with. Passionately performed and impeccably produced, it’s one I can listen to over and over again.

8. “Check Yes Juliet,” We The Kings – This is what I get for listening to Radio Disney with Kenzie! It’s difficult for me to get this song out of my head. Even though it starts out sounding like a typical pop-punk tune, by the first chorus, these guys go into full-on rock mode. Call this one my guilty pleasure.

7. “A Falling Through,” Ray LaMontagne – I’m always awed by what Ray LaMontagne is capable of. In the midst of an album full of soul, folk, and Van Morrison stylings is this poignant country lament. That steel guitar is haunting enough, but when it’s combined with Ray’s hushed vocals and Leona Naess’s harmonies, the effect is a thing of aching beauty.

6. “Let Me,” Pat Green – I’ve been a fan of Pat Green for a long time, and this song was a bit of a departure for him. I fell in love at first listen, and it’s still a solid song months after I first heard it. I can’t wait for the whole album…

5. “Keep You,” Sugarland – This is the most tender (and possibly autobiographical) ballad Jennifer Nettles has wrapped her voice around, and it’s a soaring high point on a truly stellar album. This song hints at more great things to come for these two.

4. “Viva La Vida,” Coldplay – I knew to expect a some kind of change in Coldplay’s sound when the album came out this year, but I was spellbound by this string-driven anthem. Even with the classical influences, it’s still memorable and has all the hooks of a great pop song.

3. “Hometown Glory,” Adele – I was turned on to Adele and this heartfelt ode to London when it was a free single on iTunes, and it was the perfect introduction to this remarkable young lady and her incredible voice. (Note: there’s a bit of rough language in the song; look for a radio edit or single or use editing software to have the word removed…)

2. “This Town,” O.A.R. – This song was the theme song to the College World Series, and I heard clips from it on every broadcast. I still can’t help but sing along every time I hear it; it was even my ringtone for most of the summer. (“Come on, y’all, let’s take this town…”)

1. “Shadowfeet,” Brooke Fraser – I was already familiar with Brooke Fraser from her work with Hillsong United, and when her albums finally became available in the US this year, I knew I was in for something good. The Albertine album kicks of with this track, and encouragement to Christians to remember that we have a home that we’re headed for. Even though the song is personal, it’s still easy for believers to identify with what Brooke sings about in this song. It’s just a shame she hasn’t had the phenomenal success here that she’s had in Australia and her native New Zealand.

Keep a look out in the next day or two for my list of the 10 best albums of 2008