When God’s People Are Close To Him

In this week’s reading plan at church, we’re reading the first five chapters of Joshua. As I read the first chapter on Sunday night, I read the familiar verses that I’ve read countless times about God telling Joshua to be strong and courageous, but at the end of the chapter, I was struck by one thing I’ve read but never really noticed. The people of Israel tell Joshua in verse 18 to be strong and courageous. What struck is me is that, for once, the Israelites were so in tune with God that they were giving their leader the same exhortation that came from the Lord!

I’ve taken away from what I read the thought that when we’re close to God, we will support our leaders in the exact way that God wants us to. I personally want to be so in tune with Him that, when I encourage Scott, Gary, Greg, our elders, or any of our leaders or my fellow staff members, or even when I offer my opinions, that I’m using the words that God would use. Hopefully, as our church pursues holiness and unity, all of us at Eastridge will do the same.

That’s my prayer for Eastridge…at least one my prayers…that we’ll draw so near to God that we support our leaders like the Israelites supported Joshua in Chapter 1.