My Thoughts On Sarah Palin

John McCain has managed to shake up the Presidential race in a way that not many people saw coming. Honestly, I thought he’d choose one of the predictables: Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, etc. Instead, McCain brought out a truly inspired (and, in Rush Limbaugh’s estimation, maverick…but in a good way) choice in Sarah Palin.

The more I read about Sarah Palin, the more I like. She’s a woman of faith in Christ, she’s pro-business, pro-gun rights, pro-life. She’s a former athlete and sportscaster. She’s articulate, thoughtful, beautiful, young, and TOUGH. Clearly, she’s a woman of integrity as well…and she’s not a Washington insider. A stauch conservative, she brings a rightward slant to the ticket that is sorely needed, and, as governor of Alaska, maybe she can bring McCain around on drilling at ANWR.

In choosing a woman, McCain steals a little of the change-mantra thunder from Obama, and his announcement appears to have kept Obama’s post-convention bump down a bit. Palin may also bring in some distaff voters who were disappointed in Hillary’s not being in the race. In making a surprising, youthful choice, McCain shows that the future of the GOP may not be so messy after all. Palin was referred to yesterday as a “rising star” in the Republican party; it really appears that her rise is downright meteoric. It’s going to be a much more exciting race that I initially thought.

…and Obama’s stuck with Joe Biden.