Rafting on the Ocoee

This weekend’s rafting trip was a good one. I’ve rafted both parts of the Ocoee numerous times, but never both in one day. I had no clue how exhausting that would be…I’m still a little sore.

On the bus on our way up to put in, we were telling some of the guides how we were a little disappointed that we didn’t get to raft the Chattooga (too little rain…too little water), and one of the guides told us that we wouldn’t be disappointed with this trip. We were part of the first group to put in for the day at the Upper section, and we got in just as they were releasing the water. It’s an incredible sight to be able to see dry land ahead of you while you’re rafting, and we actually had to stop a few times because we had caught up with the water. The surge from the release of the water turned the Class 1 & 2 rapids into Class 3 & 4! It was an exciting start.

I’ve always enjoyed rafting the Olympic section, which is a challenging course, and it was funny to have “spectators” watching us. After lunch, we crossed over by the dam and put into the Middle section, which is a more consistent, fast paced ride. We even got to “surf” a couple of the rapids, which I’ve never done successfully. All in all, it was a fun trip, and I was kind of glad to be able to experience the Ocoee in a somewhat different way.