A New Respect

I gained a new respect for Kobe Bryant last night while watching the Olympics. Kobe was being interviewed by professional idiot Cris Collinsworth, who asked him, “Why do you want to play at the Olympics?” Kobe replied that the United States was the greatest country in the world and that it was an honor to play for America. In a total lack of class, the moronic Collinsworth then asked, “Is it really ‘cool’ to say you’re patriotic, to say that you’re playing for the red, white, and blue?” Kobe’s response was a true act of class: “It’s always cool to love your country. It’s always cool to be patriotic.”

I’m no fan of the NBA, nor do I care for the egos that go along with the sport of basketball, but Kobe Bryant’s honest, simple admission of patriotism truly impressed me.