Bill Watterson won the Republican runoff for Sheriff of Newton County! I’m practically walking on air. This is an especially exciting night because of my involvement in his campaign. It’s going to be a lot of fun working toward November.

I remember my excitement being not quite seven years old and watching Ronald Reagan win the Presidency and seeing him win in the dream landslide of ’84. I’ve been through the heartache of two Clinton elections and the wave of emotion with the 2000 and 2004 votes.

This is different. This is unique. This is a friend of mine, a member of Eastridge, with an even closer friend of mine working on his campaign committee. This is a direct result of hard work and prayer, and it’s a testimony to a Godly man doing an honest job and doing his best to show what this county means to him.

Either I’ll be too keyed up to sleep tonight, or I’ll sleep like a very satisfied baby…

Update: I added some emphasis to this post to highlight the most important part…

One thought on “THIS JUST IN

  1. YEY BILL! I’m so happy that he won! I too voted for him, even on early voting day! I NEVER do that! Totally God’s will that he won! Abosolutely God’s will in that! Man, how exciting! YEY BILL ! ! !

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