Why Disney?

On the forum on www.wdwmagic.com, there was a thread asking posters to explain why they love Walt Disney World so much. So many people wrote that they feel like a kid there (frankly, the feel-like-a-kid angle was done a bit do death for me), so I didn’t go in that direction. Instead, here’s what I wrote:

I keep seeing people write things like “I can go to
so and so for…and so and so for…but I can go to WDW and get everything.”
That’s so much of it for me; Disney is the total package. It’s appealing to me
to leave the rest of the world behind and just have fun. There’s so much to see,
do, and experience for everyone.

Another thing for me is that Disney’s in the
details. From attraction theming to immersive resorts to little in-jokes all
over the place, WDW is all about making sure every little detail is taken care
of. I can walk through an area or ride an attraction multiple times and see
something (even a small detail) that’s new every time.

WDW is also about excellence and creativity. For all
the debating and sharing of opinions (and complaining), nothing is done without
a high standard of excellence at WDW. Disney inspires me creatively. As someone
whose job — and life — largely involves creativity, I am constantly renewed
and invigorated creatively when I visit WDW.

Anyway, that’s how I feel about it…