Long time, no post…but sometimes there’s not much to say…know what I mean?

It’s Independence Day, and I’d be remiss not to express my gratitude to our forefathers for forging this nation as one based on fundamental freedom, our troops for defending and protecting that freedom, and to my Heavenly Father for making everything possible. To quote the great one–Walt Disney–“I thank God and America for the right to live and raise my family under the flag of tolerance, democracy, and freedom.”

We live in an era in which it would be easy to think that our liberty is eroding, where freedom is taken far too lightly, where even the word freedom itself is abused to suit all kinds of agendas. I pray that those who love this country, as well as those who benefit from the freedom that America offers, never take that freedom for granted.

On a much lighter note, this year might have been the best fireworks display that I can recall here in Newton County, but if you want to see the most amazing, most perfectly timed and executed fireworks display, click here to see the Magic Kingdom’s 4th of July week fireworks…and here it is from another angle.