One Win Away…Excuse Me While I Step Up Onto The Soap Box!

I can’t believe my Georgia Bulldogs baseball team are one win away from a national championship! They pulled off a 7-6 victory over the Fresno State Bulldogs in truly dramatic fashion. I can’t wait for tonight’s game.

Now on to my frustration with the game. The sports media really needs to get a new vocabulary. I don’t think I’ve heard the word “Cinderella” more times than I did during the game, even when Kenzie was watching Cinderella literally every day. ESPN’s coverage resembled what I imagine the Fresno State home coverage would sound like; I had to mute it for a while because I was sick of hearing how “scrappy” they were, how they were “making the most of their hits,” and again, the references to Cinderella. Two articles on this morning use the C-word, and one of them basically worries about whether Fresno State can bounce back.

ESPN even needs to get new anecdotes about both teams. I heard the same story twice…and practically word-for-word…about how one Fresno State player is putting off surgery on a ligament in his hand until after the CWS. Mike Patrick and Orel Hershiser mentioned at least three times how Georgia pitcher Joshua Fields gave up four runs in his last non-save outing. And I hope tonight will be the last time I hear the story of how Coach David Perno told Gordon Beckham in 2006 that Beckham would be the one to lead Georgia back into the CWS.

It’s the same old story for ESPN…if a team from California or New York is involved, there’s noticeable bias. And it’s not just Georgia fan sour grapes; I noticed it in the games with North Carolina, and I notice it a lot when I don’t have a Dawg in the fight. As much as I love ESPN, they can frustrate me so many times.

Oh well… GO DAWGS!!!!!!

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