Today was a good day, but it’s been one in which I have a heavy heart. We found out near the end of first service that my friends Denny & Maggi Hewell lost their 14-year-old son Jake this morning to a fairly sudden respiratory infection. I can’t even to begin to fathom their sadness and emptiness right now. My prayers are with Denny, Maggi, and Conner right now, and I covet the prayers of anyone who reads this entry. I pray that this situation will send them running straight into the arms of Christ. I pray that Eastridge and other friends will minister to them in so many ways. I pray that they find comfort in the Lord. Jake was a good kid; he sat at my table the last year we did Prayer Before School with the Middle and High School kids a couple of years ago. It’s even harder for me today, remembering that two years ago on the Sunday before Memorial Day, we lost Mary Beth Malcom. I still pray for Ken, Cindi, and the girls…healing takes a long, long time.

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