Secondhand Wisdom

A friend of mine shared a quote with me that another staff member here at the church shared with her recently: “It’s not what is happening to you; it’s what’s happening for you.”

What amazing wisdom! Too many times we look strictly at the circumstances as they happen to us. We look at our existence with blinders on, not seeing the big picture. But if we would look at the lessons we are to learn, at the legacy our struggles inevitably leave behind, I think we’d see our cirucmstances in a different light, and we’d be more positive.

Why can’t we live like that? Why don’t we live like that?

One thought on “Secondhand Wisdom

  1. What a great reminder for me this week. Wow.
    Yeah, it’s not stumbling blocks, but rather stepping stones, to get us where we need to be! 🙂


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