Rental Vehicles & Relay For Life

Yesterday, I dropped my truck off to be repaired. My insurance covers a rental vehicle, so I went to Enterprise for my car. Needless to say, I was expecting some sort of tiny, spartan, glorified tin can, and I was OK with that, because it’s only temporary. At Enterprise, the clerk said to me, “Since you’re used to driving a truck, why don’t I give you a free upgrade to a pickup?” I couldn’t resist answering with a yes. Next thing I know, up drives a Silverado that looks like it’s twice the size of my truck, with all the bells and whistles! I’m riding in style this week, and the only problem is that it’s a Chevy…the only downside for a dyed-in-the-wool Ford man. I’m allowed a rental until May 10, and this truck is so nice that I’m tempted to call the body shop and tell them to take their time. To be honest, I’m fighting the urge to want something new right now!

Last night was Relay For Life here in Newton County. This was the first time I was involved as a volunteer, and I was amazed at the heart and spirit of Eastridge’s volunteers…although I shouldn’t be, given what I see day in and day out from the dedicated servants at Eastridge. It seems like the entire community turned out last night; judging from the parking situation, nobody carpooled, either! Last I heard, Newton County raised around $288,000.00 for cancer research, and I hope to hear soon how much of that was raised at the ECC booth. I’m proud of my church and my community for the level of commitment and excellence I saw at Relay For Life. There’s something genuinely inspiring and miraculous about a united effort.