True Unity

I don’t feel like writing much tonight, so this is going to be quick…

A magazine article has led me down some Internet rabbit trails looking at different Christian organizations/faith-based websites. I’ve run across some sites, some churches, some communities, some Christ-followers with beliefs (political, cultural, even some doctrinal…but not the “non-negotiables”) that are extremely divergent from mine. I’ll admit that I’m grateful and glad to be here in the so-called Bible Belt, surrouned by people whose beliefs are aligned with mine far more often than not, but it’s an amazing testimony to the power of Christ that I can read and view these websites in the security that these people and organizations are united with me (and I with them, lest I sound like it’s all about me) in the one area that truly matters.

Here’s to a body of Christ united by Christ, if by nothing else.