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From PJ Lifestyle: The End Of The Extra Point?


My first post for PJ Lifestyle nearly two and a half years ago dealt with the nanny state mentality in the league office of the NFL. Back then, I wrote about the ideas that stem from Commissioner Roger Goodell’s office that don’t always sit well with players and/or fans. This week, in an interview with NFL Network’s Rich Eisen, Goodell mentioned an idea that is sure to generate controversy: getting rid of the extra point.

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From PJ Lifestyle: College Football Star Lets His Geek Flag Fly

Chris Conley

On Saturdays in the fall, Chris Conley puts on a uniform and goes into battle, where his legs and arms serve as weapons. The wide receiver at the University of Georgia will finish up his junior season on January 1 at the Gator Bowl, but once the season ends, Conley will don a different uniform and brandish a different type of weapon. He is organizing a light saber duel for friends at UGA to film.

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From PJ Lifestyle: Cade Foster Received Pretty Much The Coolest Note Of Encouragement Ever


Cade Foster had a rough night on November 30. The place kicker for the Alabama Crimson Tide missed two field goals in their game against in-state rival Auburn, while the Tigers blocked another of Foster’s kicks.  Auburn cornerback Chris Davis actually returned the last missed field goal 109 yards for a fluke, game-winning touchdown.

Some Alabama fans displayed a complete lack of class, sending hateful tweets and even death threats to the senior kicker. However, just a few days after the game, Foster received a letter of encouragement from someone unexpected.

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From PJ Lifestyle: A Rare Class Act In Pro Sports Pens A Love Letter To The City He Left Behind


These days, most professional athletes don’t do themselves many favors in the eye of the public. Class acts in professional sports don’t come around often enough, but when they do,  fans take notice. One true example of class is Tim Hudson.

Hudson, 38, joined the Braves before the 2005 season. A free agent this year, he signed a two-year, $23 million contract with the San Francisco Giants after the Braves declined to match the Giants’ offer. Over the weekend, Hudson shared an open letter to Braves fans with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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From PJ Lifestyle: Dolphins’ Coaches Reportedly Told Richie Incongito To Toughen Up Jonathan Martin

Incognito & Martin

I just wrote about the brewing scandal involving the Miami Dolphins and the alleged bullying of offensive tackle Jonathan Martin. Apparently, the situation contains further wrinkles that we’re just learning today. The Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel has reported that Dolphins coaches told teammate Richie Incognito to toughen Martin up, though Incognito may have taken the instruction too far:

Sources say that communication took place when Martin skipped two days of the team’s OTA program, and Incognito was encouraged by his coaches to make a call that would “get him into the fold,” one source said.

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From PJ Lifestyle: The Miami Dolphins: A Soap Opera for Football Fans

Jonathan Martin took a leave of absence from the Miami Dolphins on October 28.

Football fans love drama. The back and forth of close games, the thrill of a come-from-behind victory, the outsized personalities — all of these make for plenty of excitement in the NFL. However, one team is making headlines for its off-the-field drama far more than for its on-the-field antics these days. The Miami Dolphins have suddenly found themselves embroiled in a controversy involving player hazing, bullying, and harassment, with the added twist of apparent racism.

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Go Dawgs!

From PJ Lifestyle: College Football: We Just Do It Better Down South!

It's Great To Be A Georgia Bulldog!

August is finally winding down. The kids are back to school, and the whole world seems to settle back into a routine. Starting this week – and especially on Saturday, the world changes for the better, as teams on campuses across the country take the fields to play football.

Yes, it’s college football season, and college football, like food, music, and beautiful women, is one of the things we just do better down South. The Southeastern Conference (SEC) has dominated the sport for years now, and for that reason, the entire country is in a love-hate relationship with the conference.
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From PJ Lifestyle: Will “Charlie Hustle” Come Out Smelling Like A Rose?

Pete Rose

For 24 years, Pete Rose has waited. Since Major League Baseball handed down his lifetime ban on August 25, 1989 for betting on games, Rose has waited for his moment of redemption. Oddly enough, that moment may come soon, and if so, Rose has players like Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun to thank.

In an excellent article in USA TodayBob Nightengale has suggested that, in the controversy surrounding Biogenesis and MLB’s suspension of over a dozen players for using performance enhancing substances, Rose emerges looking like a “sympathetic figure.”

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From PJ Lifestyle: Who’s The Bigger Idiot In Sports This Week – Tony Stewart or Johnny Manziel?

Tony Stewart Johnny Manziel

The last few months haven’t been a good time to be an athlete in the public eye. Think about the worst offender by far – Aaron Hernandez, the New England Patriots tight end who is in jail on murder charges. Or consider Riley Cooper, who uttered racial slurs and went “f—ing nuts” after being denied backstage access at a Kenny Chesney concert.

But my friend Britt Johnson posed an interesting question on Facebook today, so I thought I’d bring it to your attention: who’s the bigger idiot in sports this week: Tony Stewart or Johnny Manziel?

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From PJ Lifestyle: Victory For Kolton Houston

Kolton Houston

Earlier this week, I wrote about the plight of University of Georgia football player Kolton Houston, whom the NCAA declared ineligible for play for three years because of a steroid that a doctor injected into his body when he was in high school.

On Thursday, Houston received the news he has been awaiting since 2010: he can play between the hedges for the Bulldogs this fall.

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