From PJ Lifestyle: 10 Reasons Why a Disney Christmas Is the Best Kind of Holiday


If your family is anything like mine, you have plenty of holiday traditions that you cherish. Many of ours revolve around Disney (go ahead and try to act like you’re not surprised). From Disney cartoon shorts, to theme park experiences, to decorations and recipes, we love making Disney a big part of our Christmas celebration.

Here are ten reasons why a Disney Christmas is the best kind of holiday. Enjoy!

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From The New Normal: The Ubiquitous God

Outside of Psalm 23, Psalm 139 is probably the best known of all the psalms. We hear the pro-life movement quote verses 13-16, and with good reason. We often use the last two verses as a confession. Songwriters have written songs based on this psalm, and pastors have wrapped entire sermon series around it. Simply put – we’ve seen it and read it plenty of times before.

One of the best bits of advice about reading the Word is one that Pastor Scott Moore has given from the stage many times: don’t let familiarity with a passage of Scripture rob you of its truth and power. So, in writing this week, I’ve challenged myself to look at Psalm 139 in a different way.

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From PJ Tatler: Put Back That Bottle Of Booze You’re Thinking Of Buying As A Christmas Present


So your exhausting search for the ideal Christmas present for that hard to shop for friend has taken you to the package store. You browse the aisles looking for the perfect bottle – something that reflects good taste at the best price – when suddenly you’ve found what you’re looking for.

Not so fast. A new Consumer Reports poll has found that a quarter of Americans surveyed see hard liquor as the least desirable holiday gift.

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From PJ Lifestyle: 34 Holiday Gifts For The Southern Culture Lover On Your List


This holiday season, I know you’ve been wondering: what can I give the Southern culture lover on my gift list? Well, worry no more, because I, your intrepid Southern culture expert, has decided to swoop in like a Christmas miracle and save the day!

Here’s a list of 34 awesome gift choices that cover just about every area of the culture below the Mason-Dixon line. The best part: nearly everything on this list is eligible for Amazon Prime, for all you procrastinators. Enjoy!

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From PJ Tatler: Atlanta’s Serial Killer Caught

Atlanta police have charged 34-year-old Aeman Presley with a September murder days after charging him in three deaths that rocked the city over Thanksgiving and the week after.

Authorities had already charged Presley in conjunction with the shooting deaths of two homeless men while they slept on the streets of Atlanta, as well as with the murder of a popular hairstylist in Decatur, a suburb just east of the city.

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From PJ Tatler: Saving The New Religious Refugees

muslim to christian

In the 1800s, London became a haven for tens of thousands of Russian Jews fleeing their czarist homeland. Today, a similar scene takes place in the United Kingdom, but this time the refugees are Muslim converts to Christianity fleeing persecution in England or the Middle East.

Many Muslims who convert to Christianity face threats of death and harm, and friends and family turn them away. One organization in particular, Christian Concern, is helping converts find safe haven in homes, churches, and other places in the UK.

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From PJ Tatler: The Continuing Soap Opera Of The Atlanta Public Schools Cheating Trial

The Atlanta Public Schools cheating trial may have been in progress since September, but this week it has taken some bizarre twists and turns that more resemble a soap opera than a courtroom trial.

This week alone, we’ve learned of teachers who continued changing answers on standardized tests because no one explicitly told them that their actions were wrong, along with teachers who threatened and insulted students when it came to the test cheating.

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