From PJ Tatler: ISIS Reportedly Claims Town Where George Lucas Filmed Part of Star Wars


We know that ISIS will stop at nothing to take as much land as they can and claim it for Islam. Now the Tunisian town of Tataouine where George Lucas filmed part of Star Wars (and for which he named the film’s planet Tattooine) has reportedly fallen under ISIS control.

Tunisians worry about the frail state of neighbor Libya and the presence of ISIS all over North Africa. The country recently celebrated the anniversary of its independence from France, but now the mood among residents is less than celebratory.

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From PJ Tatler: Georgia Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Legislation


Dozens of “medical refugees” from Georgia could make their way back home soon as the state Senate passed a bill allowing cannabis oil for certain medical conditions on Tuesday. The only hurdle between the bill and the desk of Governor Nathan Deal is a vote in the House, which may come this week.

The initial Senate version of the bill restricted usage to children under 18, which the bill’s supporters found unacceptable. Deal also faced considerable pressure from proponents of the measure before finally agreeing to sign a bill when it passed.

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From PJ Tatler: How Is America Truly Exceptional?


The idea of American exceptionalism has become a topic of debate in the Obama years. Both sides in this often heated debate dig their heels in and stand firm in their convictions. But regardless of one’s political convictions, it’s hard to argue against the idea that the United States is unique among nations. In the 19th century, French historian and political scientist Alexis de Tocqueville recognized this and was among the first to recognize that America was an exceptional nation.

A recent Pew Research survey demonstrates that the United States stands out from other nations in some surprising ways.

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From PJ Tatler: Greek Organizations at the University of Georgia Ban Hoop Skirts


For years when I’ve heard of ridiculous political correctness run amok in American academia, I’ve breathed a sigh of relief that it hasn’t happened at my alma mater, the University of Georgia. Until now.

Sororities and fraternities at UGA have banned the use of hoop skirts at events over concerns of the appearance of racism.

The University does not make the call on bans like this one – rather, the decision comes from the Greek organizations themselves.

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From PJ Lifestyle: Can Conservatives & Libertarians Unify? A Review of The Conservatarian Manifesto


Conservatism and libertarianism both carry a certain reputation for adherence to core principles, and while both philosophies share a few common ideals, there are certain sticking points – like immigration, the war on drugs, or abortion – that tend to separate the two philosophies. Conventional wisdom holds that conservatism and libertarianism sit in different areas on the right side of the spectrum, and never the twain shall meet.

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From PJ Tatler: Police Nab Dozens In Atlanta Area Gambling Bust


This time of year, thousands of people make their brackets for the NCAA college basketball tournament, but not many of them go to jail for it. In the suburb of Alpharetta, Georgia, just north of Atlanta, police from four jurisdictions detained over five dozen people at a private party at a bar and grill who were gambling on March Madness games.

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From PJ Tatler: Global Warming Gives Boston the Snowfall Record


The northeast has been grateful to Al Gore for warning us all of the dangers of global warming for so many years. The city of Boston in particular has witnessed the horror of global warming winter first hand, having set a record for the most snowfall in a winter in the historic city.

The news for Bostonians doesn’t get much better, even with spring around the corner. Forecasts show the potential for more snow later on in the week.

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