10 Disney Cartoons From The 1930s That Reflect The Can-Do Spirit That Survived The Great Depression


As the United States slid into the Great Depression at the end of the 1920s, Disney’s output grew tremendously in quality and quantity. Walt and his team of animators and writers released plenty of entertaining product, but they also experimented, honing existing techniques and developing new ones. A struggling nation loved what it saw and couldn’t get enough.

Disney’s output during this time period reflects a uniquely American can-do spirit, one that helped this country survive the Great Depression in both determination and innovation. Here are ten great examples.

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From The New Normal: Sometimes You’re Just Not The Guy


David had it all. He was a skilled warrior, a talented musician, and above all, he was King of God’s chosen people. God referred to him as a man after God’s own heart. So it stands to reason that God would choose David to build the permanent temple where the Israelites would worship.

Right? Wrong.

God had other plans. He wanted one of David’s descendants to be the one to build the temple. Needless to say, this disappointed David, but he understood.

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From The New Normal: What Is Worship?


For the Israelites, worship wasn’t just a song or two. It was meant to be an integral part of their daily lives. Everything in the Torah that came before them, everything written during the times of the kings, and everything in the New Testament afterward point to living a lifestyle of worship, dedicated to God, obeying Him, and giving Him praise every single day.

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From PJ Lifestyle: 10 Relatively Healthier (Yet Still Tasty) Recipes For Southern Classics


A few days ago, I shared with you a list of ten decadent Southern classic recipes. The problem with so much Southern cuisine is that many dishes are so heavy and fattening. Sure, our ancestors ate such unhealthy meals and lived to pass them on, but our desk job, technology-dependent lifestyles can’t offer us the same guarantees as did a lifetime of toiling on the farm or at the mill.

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From PJ Lifestyle: 10 Decadent Classic Southern Dishes

shrimp and grits symphony

If there’s one thing we Southerners have mastered, it’s food. Some of the best cuisine in the world is from Dixie, and I think it’s time we celebrate it. Here’s a list of ten of the most decadent classic Southern dishes. My hope is that you’ll read these recipes and be inspired to cook — and if you’re not familiar with Southern cuisine, maybe you’ll try something new.

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This Week’s Post At The New Normal: Who Do You Think You Are?


I don’t know about you, but anytime I read James, I can’t help but marvel at how heavily he hits. Jesus’ brother pulls no punches whatsoever and makes no apologies for speaking the truth so bluntly. In chapter 4, he speaks his mind on several topics with one thread running through them – pride. Basically James asks his audience, “Who do you think you are?” about several topics.

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From PJ Lifestyle: 12 Questions With Monti Carlo, MasterChef Season 3 Star And Host Of Make My Food Famous


I recently had the incredible privilege of interviewing my all-time favorite MasterChef contestant, Season 3′s Top 5 finalist Monti Carlo. (Yes, Monti’s my favorite even though Season 4′s Jessie hails from my hometown.) She’s a really cool lady and a true inspiration. She dished on her days on MasterChef, the joys of motherhood, and her new showMake My Food Famous, which debuts this weekend on FYI.

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