From PJ Lifestyle: What Do Today’s Kids Think Of…The Walkman?


We’ve seen to many changes in technology over the last generation or so that some of the greatest innovations from the childhood of a Generation X-er (like me) are completely obsolete today.

It’s fascinating to see kids react to older technology. The Fine Bros., who have created some of the funniest videos anywhere with the React Series on YouTube, have tackled that topic with their latest video, “Kids React To Walkmans.”

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From PJ Lifestyle: Disney and the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair, Part 5: ‘It Says Something Very Nice’


Walt detailed to stunned Imagineers his plan for “a little boat ride” in which guests would see simple, childlike figures representing the cultures all over the globe. He enlisted some of his most trusted artists to design the attraction. Mary Blair, whom Walt called his “favorite artist,” imprinted her unique stamp on the look of the ride. Marc Davis oversaw the animatronics, while his wife Alice and Joyce Carlson designed the costumes for the dolls. Claude Coats engineered the layout of what Walt would call “the happiest cruise that ever sailed.”

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A PJ Lifestyle Classic: 10 Books Every Disney Fan Should Read


I’ve compiled a list of ten essential books for Disney Nerds. Think of this list as summer reading for the die-hard Disney fan. The books you’ll see in this post run the gamut from theme park guides to historical chronicles to the ultimate biography of the man himself, Walt Disney. Each book will expand your knowledge (and hopefully love) of Disney culture in its own unique way.

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From PJ Lifesytle: Is Smart Car Vandalism The New Cow Tipping?


Growing up on the outer edges of Atlanta’s suburbs, I’d heard about cow tipping. For the uninitiated, the idea of cow tipping stems from the (false) supposition that cows sleeping standing up could be knocked over easily. Truth be told, cow tipping is an urban legend – probably what city folk think we do out in the sticks.

Last weekend in San Francisco, a group of people prowled the streets of the city overnight and vandalized Smart Cars by turning them on their sides, hoods, and rear ends.

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This Week’s Post At The New Normal: Miserable Failure

fear-regret-not-failure2Of all the people in the New Testament, I’m drawn to Peter. I think it’s because he was the most interesting of all the disciples. Peter always spoke out of turn, or talked to fill space, or said things just because he could. With Peter, you know there was never a dull moment.

That’s why, in Matthew 26, Peter just breaks my heart. The bold disciple who claimed he would never turn his back on his Messiah does just that. In verses 57-68, we see Peter standing on the periphery, watching the Sanhedrin question Jesus, witnessing God’s plan for redeeming humanity unfold before his very eyes.

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My Debut Column At The Macho Sophisticate: Martyring Our Celebrities


I’m proud, happy, and thrilled (an Apollo 13 reference for those who didn’t get it) to be on the ground floor of a revolutionary new online community for men, The Macho Sophisticate. Here’s my first article for them. Enjoy it, and check them out…

I’ve seen and read a lot recently about the 20th anniversary of the death of Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain. Everyone has seemed to treat it like one of those “where were you when” moments, like the Kennedy assassination or the terror attacks on the World Trade Center. Lots of people in my generation are probably just looking back and feeling old – I know I am, and you might be, too.

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