From The New Normal: Where Do You Want To Live Forever?


Imagine your perfect place – the location of your dreams. Maybe it’s a secluded island with pristine white beaches and crystal blue waters. Perhaps it’s an unspoiled patch of land in the mountains with a quiet cabin alongside a clear running stream. Or maybe it’s Disney World open just for your family.

Whatever your idea of perfection, it doesn’t hold a candle to what awaits believers in Jesus for eternity. We often like to play those “what do you think Heaven will be like” guessing games – and I think that its majesty will be such a surprise as to be beyond words for any of us. But the Bible gives us a sneak peek at what awaits.

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From PJ Tatler: Godless Militants Go After Alabama Town


Winfield, Alabama is a sleepy little town not far from Birmingham where about 5,000 people work, live, and worship – a city where the year’s biggest event is Mule Day every September.

Winfield has also become the site of a fight over religion. Because the greatest defense against theocracy is an attack on a tiny Southern town, militant atheists have targeted the town over a proclamation the mayor and city council issued back in December of last year “acknowledging the blessings of God and expressing a desire to seek Divine guidance.”

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From PJ Tatler: Guess Who’s Throwing His Hat Into Kentucky’s Gubernatorial Race?


Over the last couple of decades it seems like we’ve had more than our fair share of non-traditional office seekers. Kentucky voters can add one more name to that list: Drew Curtis, founder of the snarky aggregate news site

Curtis announced his candidacy – where else – on his blog at on Monday. He also announced his wife Heather for lieutenant governor. He promises a completely different paradigm – completely removing the influence of so-called “special interests” from governance.

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From PJ Lifestyle: 5 Reasons Why Cracked‘s Parody Of Walt Disney Is Nothing Like The Truth


I enjoy good satire that really makes a point. The problem with satire is that, for it to be truly good and genuinely funny, the satire must find its basis in truth. Satire that isn’t based in facts doesn’t work and is generally unfunny.

I’ll give you a recent example: over at the humor site Cracked, a recent video by some guy named Michael Swaim presented a fictional TED talk by Walt Disney. The title of the post was “Why Walt Disney Is Nothing Like You Think He Was,” of course guaranteed to generate buzz.

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From The New Normal: Who Is Babylon?


I’ve read Revelation I don’t know how many times, and I still maintain that it’s truly unknowable and that anyone who thinks they have it all figured out is sadly mistaken.

I think there’s a certain conception that the events in Revelation take place sometime in the future. I don’t necessarily believe that’s true. I think some of the events in Revelation have yet to come, but I also believe that some of the accounts may have taken place shortly after the Lord revealed them to John.

Long story short – I just don’t think it’s a linear narrative.


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From PJ Tatler: Archaeologists May Have Found The Oldest Copy Of One Of The Gospels


New technology that allows scientists to remove the glue from the masks of mummies without damaging the ink on the paper used to make the mask has yielded an exciting discovery: a piece of papyrus that may contain the oldest known copy of one of the gospels.

The finding, a fragment of the Gospel of Mark, which dates back to the year 90, is one of several fascinating texts that archaeologists are discovering in the masks of mummies.

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From PJ Tatler: The Disneyland Measles Outbreak Gets Worse

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Two weeks ago, I wrote here about the outbreak of measles that had its genesis at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The disease has now mushroomed to nearly 50 cases, over four states and south of the border.

As the first measles patients create new clusters of disease, “I think we’ll see some satellite outbreaks,” says William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert and professor at the Vanderbilt School of Medicine in Nashville. “It’s going to take a while to control.”

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