From PJ Lifestyle: Disney’s Wilderness Years, Part 2: How The Studio Navigated The Hit-Or-Miss 1980s


As the new decade dawned with a palpable sense of excitement brought about by the election of Walt’s friend Ronald Reagan, Disney didn’t immediately bounce back. Part of the reason for this hit-or-miss period stemmed from the fact that, after the light comedies of the 70s, many of Disney’s productions in the early 80s took a dark turn.

Beginning with the hideous Star Wars knockoff The Black Hole in 1979, Disney chose to take on some heavier themes and subject matter.

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From The New Normal: Journey Songs

Group Portrait of  Journey

Ok…well maybe we should call this Songs for the Journey since this post is not REALLY about the band Journey.

Anytime my family goes to Walt Disney World for vacation, we listen to Disney music on the way. Singing helps us get excited about the trip and builds a sense of anticipation of what lies ahead. It’s a tradition on the journey we make every year – or more.

Today’s reading in Psalms 124-126 make up part of the Psalms known as the Songs of Ascents. Scholars believe these psalms are the ones the Israelites sang as they made their pilgrimage to Jerusalem every year to offer sacrifices. Call them the first worship set.

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From PJ Lifestyle: Disney’s Wilderness Years, Part 1: How The Studio Reflected The Chaos Of The 1970s


From polyester leisure suits to Pet Rocks, the 70s were the decade of disposable culture (in spite of some true classics like The Godfather films and Star Wars). I consider myself more of a child of the 80s, since that’s when I came of age, but I remember my younger childhood in the 70s – especially a lot of the music – fondly.

Much of the culture of the decade reflects a certain escapism.

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From PJ Lifestyle: Walt Disney’s 7 Most Radical Ideas From His Last Decade on Earth


By the time the 1960s rolled around, Walt Disney appeared to have done it all. He had elevated the cartoon from an opening-act short to a feature-film art form. He had conquered live-action movies and embraced television, and he even revolutionized the theme-park experience. But Walt wasn’t done — in fact, it looks like he saved his most radical and powerful ideas for the last years of his life. And here are seven examples to prove it.

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From The New Normal: Being Fearless Begins With Fear


Here’s a throwback post to what we read a week ago in Psalms 111 & 112…

I know I’ve said this plenty of times before, but I love the Psalms. In today’s reading we have two short Psalms that seem to go hand in hand. I don’t know enough about the canonization process or about the history of these Psalms to know if it’s on purpose or not, but they fit really well together.

Psalm 111 talks about some of the wonderful things that God does…

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From The New Normal: God’s Word Is There For Me!


There’s so much going on in Psalm 119, this epic love song to God’s Word. On the surface, it’s kind of strange to think of a hymn to the law, especially one this long. But, as we can see just from today’s reading (verses 49-80), that God’s commands are also promises for every season of our lives. I’ve picked out four themes from these passages that show some of the many ways that God and His Word are there for us.

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From PJ Lifestyle: 10 Examples Of How Disney’s Productions Reflected The Changing America Of The 1950s


In my last two posts, we’ve looked at how Disney reflected the 1930s and the 1940s. As the studio emerged from World War II and into a new decade, it faced a changing nation. In their insightful book A Patriot’s History Of The Modern World, Volume II, Larry Schweikart and Dave Dougherty write:

Long-held and oft-repeated notions that the 1950s were a decade of sameness and conformity in the United States miss the revolutionary changes occurring in the decade – radical shifts that, fundamentally, may have altered America and the world far more than the superficial changes of the 1960s.

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